Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Refuse transfer Station trip

We got to visit the Waitakere city Transfer Station today with room 7. We learnt about how much household waste we throw away and where it goes.
Did you know they estimated our landfill will be fill within 10 years. That's a good reason to sort your rubbish into recycle,waste and even upcyle.

This is how much waste we use if each person put their hands up and held it.

This paper has been in the land fill since 1973 when they found it, it was still in good condition. As they compact our rubbish the items below don't get air or moisture so they can't breakdown.
The kids got to sort out a household waste bag into food waste, recycle, paper, and landfill waste. 
Did you know that the Transfer Station has a trap to make sure the fruit fly hasn't moved out West, It's in a fig tree, as you can see by the picture.

This is room 8 trying to find the worms mouth with out magnifying glass.
This is what a worms mouth looks like.
Can Mr McGreal find it?

Some of the cool items create from waste giving to the transfer station, that's geat upcycling!

Richard won a prize for being the best listener.

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